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*Above 6 people will need to use two Tuk Tuks

"Art Nouveau" Capital

Visit Aveiro on board of an 100% environment friendly Tuk Tuk!

Who doesn't love Aveiro?!

Aveiro is one of the cities that everyone must visit, at least, once in your life!
About Us

Aveiro Tuk Tours

We are a company committed to show you the city of Aveiro in a fun and ecological way. For this, we have a safe, comfortable and quiet electric vehicle that is 100% environmentally friendly: the Tuk Tuk.

On board the Tuk Tuk, alone or in groups (up to a maximum of 8 people), you will find wonderful leisure and amusement places and cultural, historical and religious monuments; you will enjoy the exceptional taste of Aveiro Traditional Convent Sweet – the 'Ovos Moles' – and of course, you will feel new emotions and spend an unforgettable moment. And do not forget the fantastic experience of traveling aboard such a peculiar vehicle!
The tuk tuk can be part of your day as well as of a special occasion, and you just have to want to!

Come have fun with us and explore the city, the characteristic customs and flavors of this "City Of The Canals"!

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With our tours you will find the best and most fun ways of learning the history and the charms of our "City of the Canals"!

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